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As Pacific Paranormal Investigations proudly glances backward on its decade of volunteer investigative and educational outreach, we're also looking foward to the next generation of paranormal investigators. That's why we are opening our vaults and sharing with the public those investigative and organizational resources we we’ve worked very hard to develop these last ten years.

It bears noting that, since 2010, case requests for private paranormal investigations have decreased for our group, and we presume the same trend is occurring for other groups who provide private outreach services—this despite the persistent popularity of paranormal television programming. With the “excitement of the paranormal pursuit” or the notoriety of becoming a “ghost hunter” no longer a modus operandi, we recognize that we’ve outlived the trend and have begun to settle into the practical and intellectual work of paranormal investigating. And we are not alone.

With decreased priority given to "brand identify," we've starting to see more transparency, as well as more solidarity, being cultivated in the paranormal field. Social media and organizations such as the Ghost Research Institute and TAPS Family have fostered camaraderie, communication, and solidarity among groups separated not only by geography but even by their methodologies and beliefs. More and more, we're sharing our research, we're disclosing our techniques, we're exchanging ideas and supporting one another’s projects. We’re uniting as likeminded investigators, rather than as fans of the reality entertainment genre.

In that collaborative spirit, PPI is offering to the public its investigative and organizational resources in hopes of fostering ever-increasing cooperation with our already established fraternal groups and leaving a legacy of tools and resources that might inspire or guide future groups.

If you are an established paranormal investigation group and would like to share some of your own investigative resources or instructional tools on this site, we welcome your copyrighted contributions, which will be credited to your group along with links to your organization.

If you use any of these resources, especially if you repost them or link to them, you should include a proper and visible acknowledgment of a copyright belonging to Pacific Paranormal Investigations or any other agency to which a resource on this website may be credited. Your honesty and conscientiousness are greatly appreciated.