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Of the three most commonly reported types of haunting phenomena, the intelligent haunt is by far the most intriguing. Reports of intelligent haunts have been recorded for thousands of years by every culture around the world. Are there common threads of truth that bind these reports together?

icon intelligent hauntTraditional or Residual Haunting phenomena is characterized by reports of footsteps, voices, and smells such as food cooking or perfume. Intelligent Haunting phenomena includes all types of phenomena associated with a Residual Haunt, but it differs by one key element -- self awareness. Decades of documented field reports support the theory that activity occurs in response to physical stimuli, and may also occur in response to social interaction among people in the reputedly haunted venue. Physical manipulation of objects is commonly reported, including doors and windows opening and closing by themselves and movement of small items of furniture. Electrical appliances may turn on by themselves, lights may turn on and off, and other odd environmental anomalies may occur, such as noticeable cold spots. In rare cases, people may report being touched, slapped, pushed, scratched or experience their blankets pulled off when they try to sleep.

A wide range of visual phenomena often accompanies the reported activity, including anomalous reflections in mirrors, glimpses of people in the home that defy explanation, misty or smoky forms that move throughout the premises, and strange shadows. The most common reports of such forms appear to be concerned about the well being of people in a household; the facial expressions of these anomalous people in a house are often described as compassionate and caring - or their movements are described as classic non-threatening behavior, such as checking the doors and windows at night. However, it is worth noting that there are reports of mischievous and even negative behavior. Although nothing could be more startling than waking up in the middle of the night to see a stranger standing at the foot of your bed, seeing this same stranger disappear into thin air can be even more disturbing.

Some paranormal researchers believe intelligent haunts are proof of the “survival hypothesis” – the idea that human consciousness continues to exist in some form after death, and the behavior of these entities seems to substantiate this claim. Field observations of such entities have demonstrated that they can be kind and gentle, or they can be downright mischievous. They appear to be aware of their environment, and they want to communicate with people.

Many Paranormal Researchers believe it's impossible to rid your home of such entities. They appear to be there of their own free will, and they will not leave simply because you want them to. However people have learned to peacefully coexist with them, and some families take comfort in the fact that there is always somebody keeping an eye on the place even when they believe they're all alone.

If you or someone you know is experiencing paranormal activity in your home, it's important to remember there is usually nothing to fear. Paranormal activity is a natural phenomenon that seems arcane and mysterious because science is unable to come up with any rational explanations at this time. That doesn't mean that science will never be able explain it. We may not fully understand the environmental mechanics of the haunting phenomena, or why one place becomes haunted and another does not, but each investigation brings us a little closer to discovering the truth. By carefully documenting such activity as it occurs, we hope to contribute to the growing body of knowledge of this fascinating subject and help people come to terms with their experiences.