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about ppi trademark iconPPI is one among tens of thousands of not-for-profit paranormal investigative groups worldwide proud to support and ally with a broader network of dedicated sister groups. However, as a trademarked identity, we are unaffiliated with any other investigative or research entity whose moniker or initials may resemble ours.


All official logos and seals of this organization are trademarked in the U.S. (Reg. No. 3,913,967) and shall remain the property of Pacific Paranormal Investigations (Investigate • Evaluate • Educate). This includes all official forms and documents, as well as other publications physical and/or electronic bearing PPI logos or "Lightbulb" seals. The official logos and seals may not be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the directors and leadership of this organization.

ppi trademark reg certificateTrademark and Logo Specifications:

All use of PPI logos, banners, watermarks, and equivalent elements should conform to standards of uniformity, consistency, format, and design.

Banners and Logos

  1. "PPI," 28 Days Later font, all caps
  2. "Pacific Paranormal Investigations," Franklin Gothic font, regular, title caps
  3. "Investigate • Evaluate • Educate," Franklin Gothic font, italic, title caps (separated by typographically spaced bullets or hyphens only)

Font size ratios, A:B:C: 12:2:1 (e.g., 144pt : 64pt : 32pt)

Logo Variations:


about ppi trademark banner full color  about ppi trademark banner full b n w



about ppi trademark banner cropped color  about ppi trademark banner cropped b n w



 about ppi trademark banner stacked color