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Since 2007, Pacific Paranormal Investigations has been registered with the TAPS Family Members (TFM) network, the official worldwide network of investigation, outreach, and research groups started by The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS).

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Launched in response to the increasing paranormal interest generated by the television series that featured TAPS, TFM is a consortium of paranormal groups and societies that share intellectual resources, but they represent a diversity of philosophical and methodological approaches to paranormal investigating.  In this regard, they serve as a kind of global think-tank of conscientious amateurs who bring sophisticated skills sets and professional expertise into their work for their paranormal groups.

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Registered TFM members neither work under, investigate for, have direct contact with, nor report to The Atlantic Paranormal Society, and they are generally unaffiliated with entertainment programming or for-profit institutions. If you have reached this website because of your interest in the television show featuring members of The Atlantic Paranormal Society, please visit their official website for further information.


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