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Audible Voice Phenomena

AVPAVP.  Audible Voice Phenomena.  Are they really from beyond the grave?  Regardless of how you value them, a little knowledge about the most common varieties of them and the issues that should be addressed with them will go a long way to making your account of your investigation something others can depend on.

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Coordinating Your First EVP Vigil

EVP vigilIf you’re just starting out as a paranormal investigator, or you intend to put together a team in the future, you might benefit from some suggestions to coordinate a successful and effective EVP vigil.


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Big, Scary Mess: Clutter and Its Connection To Paranormal Phenomena

ClutterIn this nonjudgmental look at the role of clutter in claims of the paranormal, we address the really messy business of sorting out a haunted psyche from a haunted house.  It's a delicate problem, and not always just a simple matter of impugning someone's housekeeping skills.

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EVP: Infrasound, Ultrasound or Something Else?

infrasoundOver the years there has been a lot of debate regarding the nature of Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP. One prevailing idea is that EVP is composed of either ultrasonic or infrasonic sound waves, and that is the reason why investigators are unable to hear EVP at the time of capture. Although this is an elegant idea, it is unlikely because it defies the basic understandings of acoustic energy.

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EVP: Acoustic Energy or Psychic Imprinting?

Acoustic EnergyThe subject of Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP has provided some of the most compelling evidence of paranormal activity ever captured. But the most intriguing characteristic of Electronic Voice Phenomena is that anyone with a quality recorder can capture it; the phenomena is available to any one willing to spend the time to investigate and carefully analyze their recordings.

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Intelligent Haunts: You’re Not Alone

Intelligent HauntOf the three most commonly reported types of haunting phenomena, the intelligent haunt is by far the most intriguing. Reports of intelligent haunts have been recorded for thousands of years by every culture around the world. Are there common threads of truth that bind these reports together?


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Residual Haunts: Why Is This Happening Again and Again?

Clock altA residual haunting is the most commonly reported type of haunt. It appears to be a recorded event that replays itself over and over again without any conscious thought or action behind it. The energy seems to be trapped in a never-ending time loop. The movie "Groundhog Day" comes to mind as an example.


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The Star of India

Adelante (The Magazine For the Congress Of History Of San Diego and Imperial Counties) October 2008
The Euterpe Times (Monthly Newsletter Of the Sail Crew Of the Maritime Museum Of San Diego) 3.34 (October 2008)


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Local Team Chases After Bumps in the Night, Sounds in the Attic

Pasadena Star_NewsCitation:

Ramos, Alyssa. "Local Team Chases After Bumps In the Night, Sounds In the Attic."  The Star News 126.26 (29 June 2007):  1, 13.

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Paranormal Pursuit

Daily BruinCitation:

Gray, Jan. "Paranormal Pursuit: A Ghostly Tale of Two Investigation Teams." The Daily Bruin 07 July 2007.

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