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About Us

Mission Statement

Mission statementOur history, background, and organizational objectives.


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Team PPI

Team PPIOur roster of active team members and investigators, and our organization structure.


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Investigations Past & Present


InvestigationsOur archive of investigations, completed or in-progress.


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Equipment List

EquipmentPPI uses an extensive array of environmental monitoring equipment during our investigations with hopes of capturing physical evidence of paranormal activity. We are constantly researching new technologies and adding new tools to our arsenal. The following is a partial list of our most commonly used equipment.


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Glossary of Paranormal Terms

GlossaryThe technical side to paranormal investigating can be confusing, and different philosophies about the paranormal can lead to radically different approaches in the field.  Below is a glossary of terms that may turn up in our forum discussions or in PPI's investigative reports.  If you want a glimpse into what PPI is about--who we are, what we profess, what we use, and so on--this glossary could be your first and best research tool.


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A Tribute To Glenn Pitcher

PPI Glenn 2006This permanent memorial page on our website is meant to honor Glenn's memory and his lasting impact on us.  In tribute to his character and guidance, we are more patient people, and in testament to his leadership and vision, Pacific Paranormal Investigations continues its work.

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Our Paranormal Network

NetworkPacific Paranormal Investigations proudly shares organizational ties with many worldwide paranormal research groups and services.  Please visit them by clicking on any of the following banners.


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