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Children and PPI Cases


Can a child request an investigation from PPI?

You must be at least eighteen years old to request an investigation.  If you are under the age of eighteen, then a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult legally authorized to represent you must make this request on your behalf.  No exceptions!  Additionally, unless otherwise discussed and arranged beforehand with PPI Management, the individual making this request must agree to be present at the actual investigation.


What if I think my child is in danger?

In some cases, children are reported as the focus of paranormal activity, but in a much smaller number of cases they are subjected to hostile influence or outright attack.  These cases are given our highest priority:  they are usually scheduled sooner and, if there is strong cause to be concerned, we may waive the screening process in the interest of protecting the child.  However, because such cases are given greater priority, they are also subjected to more stringent scrutiny.  We expect parents not only to have made every reasonable attempt to find explanations of their own for the activity afflicting their child, but to have undertaken a battery of tests to discount the possibility that the child’s reports are fictional, exaggerated, or otherwise connected to emotional and psychological factors rather than paranormal ones.  (For example, victim scenarios are common components of children’s fantasies these days, compounded by their exposure to popular TV shows and video games with paranormal subject matter.)  Resources to assist parents with child-related paranormal activity can be requested.


I'd like my investigation sooner, and I have a child.  Doesn't that qualify?

As dedicated volunteers, we are ready to put our own resources on the line and answer your call of distress whenever your child’s safety is at issue, even if that means a long, late-night drive out of town for us.  However, we  respectfully ask in all fairness that you be prepared to justify the seriousness of the emergency.  If PPI determines that an investigation request for a child-related emergency has been exploited for the sake of expediting the scheduling of an investigation, we may cancel the investigation and  not reschedule, since we consider this an abuse of our resources and disrespectful of the needs of other clients whose circumstances might have taken even greater precedence.   We completely understand  your need to protect your children's safety, and we thank you in advance for taking this matter as seriously as we do.

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