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Improper Use of Psychics During a Paranormal Investigation

psychic crystal_ballWhy would you want to use a psychic during paranormal investigations? Paranormal Investigating groups from all over the world seem to fall into two camps; those who use psychics and those who don’t. For decades paranormal investigators have battled over the legitimate use of psychics in paranormal investigations. If it is a question of credibility for your group, you have to be cautious about your use of psychics.

Here are three examples of the improper application of psychics.

During a paranormal investigation psychics have been known to “personalize” alleged paranormal activity. The ghosts or spirits talk to them exclusively and nobody else. Some psychics even claim to speak for the ghosts or spirits during your EVP vigils. For example:


Investigator: ”Is there anyone here with us?”
Psychic: “Yes.”
Investigator: “Can you tell us your name?”
Psychic: “Dave.”


Oh come people, please. Dave’s not here. If there is a ghost or spirit around and a psychic is speaking for them, isn’t there a chance that the ghost or spirit might want to speak for themselves?


Many paranormal investigators agree that personal experiences do not prove or disprove a haunting. Only documented physical evidence can give a paranormal investigation group creditability. Personal experiences are nice but they cannot stand alone as the only proof.


Another reason why I believe you can’t use psychics in this way is the fact that none of the investigators during the investigation can be sure if the psychic is acting or not when they sense a “presence”.


Psychics can become a distraction to the investigation and solid evidence that could have been collected in the case, was not observed. Why? Because the psychic is flopping on the ground like a tuna fish when the door opened and closed by itself in the hallway. Why even bother to investigate a location, when your psychic claims to be the exclusive spokesperson of the paranormal activity you were called in to investigate?

Finally, Psychic ability itself is still under intense scrutiny. If there’s anyone out there who does truly has a gift, and I believe there are some out there, they are drowned out by the all the down right frauds claiming to have psychic ability. These scam artists only bring more people to the conclusion that psychic talents simply don’t exist.


Research is being conducted to prove the existence of psychic ability but their grandiose claims of proof are at best murky. So, if you are trying to prove something that is unproven, it is a good idea to not use something that in itself is unproven.


Now, there might be some of you out there who believe that a psychic used in the right way is ok during an investigation. What exactly is the right way? In my opinion psychics should be used as “blood hounds”. They should give the paranormal investigating teams information that will help them collect solid evidence of paranormal activity, such as where to place cameras and digital voice recorders.


In conclusion, I leave you with this question: are you willing to risk your group’s credibility on a “feeling?”  I think you stand a better chance using the Scientific Method instead of the Psychic Method when researching the paranormal.




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