cat heading jaded light awards

jla homepage insigniaOnce a year, Pacific Paranormal Investigations will select one or more individuals to recognize with our "Jaded Light" Award. The award is virtual and honorific only—no prize money or trophy. PPI members nominate, advance, and select candidates. Recipients may be living or deceased, and they may represent any period of history or culture.

While selection takes into consideration the role of paranormal interest in their contributions, honorees may also have inspired a paradigm of skeptical inquiry or impacted the pseudosciences in some lasting way that merits their special recognition. 

Some of the recipients on our "Jaded Light" roster are renowned skeptical inquirers, some are famous for other reasons, and some are unsung altogether.  All, however, have exhibited exceptional leadership, rigor, and mettle as heterodox thinkers. We thank them for embodying the principle of semper dubius—always skeptical—and for challenging us to look at accepted wisdom and magical thinking with the illuminating clarity of a jaded light.