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If you've been asked to submit information about your medications and medical conditions, please read on.

We will never judge you for your private life, and we consider ourselves privileged to have been invited into your home.  However, since we are interested in documenting potential causes for alleged paranormal activity, and not just symptoms, we require a substantial amount of background information in order to posit reasonable theories that will guide our investigation.  Medical history is one of our most important data sets, gathered as much out of good conscience as for the sake of good science.  We understand that questions concerning your medical history are a delicate matter that might be taken as an unnecessary intrusion into your privacy, but physiological and psychological conditions account for a significant percentage of reports of paranormal activity:  if we can help to identify a potentially significant medical cause for the phenomena experienced in the venue, this is far more serious than uncovering paranormal activity.  Additionally, investigators must in good conscience be permitted to enter into an investigation aware of the risks posed to them and the risks they pose to the occupants who suffer from potential psychiatric conditions, drug side effects, or other pathologies that could adversely affect the case.  For example, if a resident or household member suffers from Alzheimer's disease, persons introduced into the environment (such as our investigative team) with whom this individual would be unfamiliar, may possibly trigger an adverse reaction, such as psychological trauma, panic, anxiety, fear, violence, etc.  Knowing the factors beforehand would greatly help us determine our choice of investigative team members.  If the situation could potentially put either the resident or investigator in an adverse situation, we could further determine whether PPI should go forward with the investigation or look for possible alternatives for the safety of all those involved.

For this reason, we must reserve the right to deny an investigation request if important information about medications and psychiatric treatment is not disclosed beforehand for all parties relevant to the case.  Furthermore, we will withdraw from the scheduled investigation if important discrepancies are found between the information provided in our questionnaires and our experiences gained firsthand with the clients.  Your privacy is absolutely assured and no one, including other family members, will be given access to the answers you provide securely.  All information concerning medications, treatments, conditions and symptoms—whether or not officially diagnosed—will be kept strictly confidential and used only in the service of your PPI case.   We thank you for your understanding of this request, and we appreciate your compliance.