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client resources children iconBecause of the sensitive concerns that children can pose for a paranormal investigation, PPI follows special protocols about their involvement. We respectfully ask that you review the following guidelines about child cases and children's participation in the investigation process.

Can a child request an investigation from PPI?

You must be at least eighteen years old to request an investigation. If you are under the age of eighteen, then a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult legally authorized to represent you must make this request on your behalf. No exceptions! Additionally, unless otherwise discussed and arranged beforehand with PPI Management, the individual making this request must agree to be present at the actual investigation.


Can a child participate in an investigation?

Because of the potentially unsettling circumstances of a paranormal investigation, young children are generally discouraged from participating. However, if you believe your child to be a focus of paranormal activity, it may be advantageous to the investigation if that child is present during our vigils.  Regardless, this would be done only with the express consent of a parent or guardian, who must agree to be present with the child during any investigative activity in which they participate.


What if I think my child is in danger?

In some cases, children are reported as the focus of paranormal activity, but in a much smaller number of cases they are thought to be subjected to hostile influence or outright attack. If there is strong cause to be concerned, we may waive the screening process to expedite a walk-through investigation. However, because such cases are given greater priority, they are also subjected to more stringent scrutiny. We expect parents not only to have made every reasonable attempt to find explanations of their own for the activity afflicting their child, but also to have undertaken a battery of tests to discount the possibility that the child’s reports are fictional, exaggerated, or otherwise connected to emotional and psychological factors rather than paranormal ones. (For example, victim scenarios are common components of children’s fantasies these days, compounded by their exposure to popular TV shows and video games with paranormal subject matter.) Resources to assist parents with child-related paranormal activity can be requested.


I'd like my investigation sooner, and I have a child. Doesn't that qualify?

We are ready to commit our own resources and time to answer your call of distress whenever your child’s safety is at issue. However, as dedicated volunteers who have their own professional and personal responsibilities, we hope you will understand our insistance that any such urgent request be justified. Claiming a child-related emergency for the sake of expediting the scheduling of an investigation should be considered an exploitation of our resources and a diversion away from other clients whose circumstances might have taken even greater precedence. We completely understand your need to protect your children's safety, though, and we want to help when the that need is genuine and serious. We thank you in advance for taking this matter as seriously as we do.